Conducting renovations on your home could change the value of your property. You’ll want to make sure the upgrades you make are still covered in case of damage and that you obtain the necessary permits and policies to ensure coverage during the construction period. If you’re planning a major home remodelling project, here are a few things you should keep in mind before the renovations begin.

Construction sites

Major renovations that turn parts of your house into construction sites put the home at greater risk of theft and flooding. Contact your insurance provider to go over the scope of the project and ensure that your policy will remain in effect during the construction period and that insurance limits are sufficient for the work being completed.

Property replacement value

Following the renovation, the value of your house will likely increase. The cost of replacing the upgraded or added elements of the home must be updated in the property’s replacement value. This will affect your premium and you are contractually obliged to inform your insurance provider whenever changes are made to your property. If not, your coverage may be affected in the event of a loss.

Vacant homes

For significant home remodelling projects, you may find it easier to lease an apartment off-site or stay with friends and family to minimize disruption. However, if you plan to leave the home unoccupied for more than a period of 30 days, you should inform your insurance provider and obtain a vacancy permit. This is because vacant homes are more prone to risks such as burglary.


Even if you are undergoing home renovations yourself, you should still contact your insurance provider as the aforementioned concerns also apply to do-it-yourself projects. After the renovation is complete, your insurer will work with you to re-evaluate your home and make adjustments for items like new furnishings, appliances and finishes.